London — Paris — New York

We work with brands that aspire to be desirable, viable and sustainable businesses. Each brand is unique to us and our team of experts, our services are tailored according to the needs and objectives of our clients. A strategic approach underpins all our work and is the starting point for every new relationship.

The key areas we focus on are:

  • Brand Development

    We aim to develop brands that are unique, rich and concise; that are better able to compete in the Luxury market. We collaborate with our Brand partners to establish their DNA and their vision and values, assessing how this has been translated into the brand identity and brand assets, tone of voice, and the foundational communications texts, implementing improvements and changes as we progress.

  • Product Strategy

    The right product is the essential foundation of any successful brand. We help to establish the unique qualities and visual DNA of our Brand partners, working to effectively translate this into the product line. We build structured ranges through rigorous collection edits, by refining the product line, and by working together to create new collections. Our objective eye ensures the product range is competitive and relevant to the Brand's target market.

  • Communications Strategy

    We believe successful and useful communications depends upon a strategic approach. We help to translate the Brand DNA/Visions/Values into key messages, creating a road map to forge conversations around these. Looking to emphasise the unique qualities and singular narratives surrounding a brand.

    • Media Relations

      The media landscape is constantly evolving. Successful media relations depends on having strong relationships. We help to build these between our clients and the journalists and stylists we collaborate with so that your brand is always at the forefront of their mind.

    • Networking

      We pride ourselves in helping you to build one-to-one relationships that deliver value in the long term. We make direct introductions and conduct advocacy on behalf of our clients, aiming to connect brands with influential individuals and organisations. We create intimate events, enabling Brands to reach new contacts and strengthen existing relationships.

    • Digital

      A considered and well-curated digital communications strategy will offer any new or established business the opportunity to create conversations with a global online audience. We work with brands to formulate visual strategies, creating tailored content which is used to help grow awareness and audience engagement. We consistently test, measure and evolve our campaigns.

  • Business Development

    We build business development strategies that are in line with sales objectives. We form targeted distribution plans, looking to foster productive sales partnerships with a focus on creating new opportunities to increase revenue. We set out a roadmap of sales activities, along with financial targets to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Business Planning

    Product Strategy, Brand Development, Communications Strategy and Business Development Planning all contribute to the formulation of a tailored Business Plan. We develop business timelines based upon the strategies set in each area, alongside financial forecasts. We aim to build a backable, achievable and sustainable plan of action for our collaborators.