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Valery Demure has worked with the London-based fine jewellery brand since its inception. The Agency managed a full branding project and introduced Kova to a marketing expert and art director, a design consultant, a merchandising expert and press agencies both in the United States and Europe. Valery Demure organises the brand´s campaigns and works on the collection alongside the brand´s creative director. The Agency also oversaw Kova´s launch in Paris during Haute Couture 2015. Valery Demure continues to direct worldwide sales and promotion through high-profile presentations in London, NY and Paris.


Introduction and Supervision of Branding Agency to produce:

Identity | Assets | Website


Introduction of Marketing Expert:

Planning and Execution of Communications Strategy

including Social Media, Launch Events, Sales Assets, Press Assets

Introduction and Supervision of expert Copy Writer:

Brand Biography | Press Release | Brand Book

Project Management of new collection Campaigns:

Introduced Stylist, Art Director, Photographer


Introduction and Management of Design Consultant to plan:

Collection Stories | Collection Structure | Pricing Strategy


Launched the brand at Paris Couture, July 2015

Project Managed Launch Dinner, July 2015

Launched the brand in New York, April 2016

Introduced International Press Agencies

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