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Taal Noir


The brand’s Founder approached us with the idea to create a contemporary Indian jewellery brand. We worked with the Founder to build a team of experts to help in all aspects of brand creation.


Introduction and Supervision of Designer and Merchandiser to produce:
Collection Designs | Range Planning | Pricing


Introduction and Supervision of Branding Agency to produce:
Branding | Printed Materials | Sales Assets | Website


Vision and Values:
Formultation of Key Messages | Naming Strategy | Positioning | Customer Profiling

Introduction and Supervision of expert Copy Writer:
Brand Biography | Press Release

Project Management of Campaign Shoot:
Photographer | Stylist | Make Up, Hair and Nails | Retouching

Introduction and Supervision of a Social Consultant:
Strategy Creation | Grid Planning


Worked with the brand to build:
Business Plan | Financial Plans | Timelines

Introduced the brand at Resort 18 in Paris








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