Design, Craft and Vision

Design, Craft and Vision


We are excited to unveil five new brands during Paris Fashion Week. Each having defined their own personal signature, each honing to strong craftsmanship skills and each with a clear vision for their business’ future developments.



Designer Fay Andrada founded the brand in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York. Daughter of an architect and herself a trained graphic designer, Fay is inspired by all things simple and bold. Using hammers, files, and flame, Fay designs each piece in her collection by hand. Embracing the imperfection of the human hand, subtle textures and organic lines set her iconic shapes apart. These understated details evoke Fay’s movement through the creative process. All of her pieces are hand finished by artisans in her studio. Fay Andrada jewelry is minimalism that does not sacrifice imagination or beauty. Fay Andrada’s studio is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.




A love story, that’s how Lapima’s trajectory began, in 2016. Created by the couple Gisela and Gustavo Assis, the brand carries not only their watchful approach, but also the will to make something personal out of a business – starting from the name choice, inspired by the first words ever spoken by one of their three children. Yes, it took two years until Gisela, a former classical ballet dancer and Gustavo, a visionary with a strong sense of business who launched his first venture at the age of 19, mapped the market and found the right suppliers and materials to bring their sunglasses to life. “Lapima was born from the desire to make something beautiful, inspiring, aesthetically interesting, with a timeless design, and also, of course, useful for people”, tells Gustavo.

Together, they represent the essence of Lapima, a brand that goes beyond functionality and creates an identity and authenticity rarely seen in the Brazilian market. But don’t think they deny their origins, on the contrary. While the feedstock is imported from Italy for its impeccable quality, the slogan “Shaped in Brazil” makes it clear that behind the brand there is the swing of Brazil’s tropical, natural beauty.





New York designer, Jessica Biales, creates modern classic jewelry that is iconic, sophisticated and very New York. She hand carves many of her pieces using the lost was method, giving her designs a unique edge and feel. Artists, sculptors and architects such as Henri Matisse, Richard Serra, Alexander Calder, Louis Kahn and Frank Gehry have inspired her designs. She sees architecture as sculpture on a massive scale and jewelry as sculpture on a miniature scale.

Jessica inherited her talent from her father who was a gifted photographer, sculptor and model maker, as well as an avid art collector. She was exposed to a wide variety of artistic mediums from a young age. At Calhoun, a prep school in New York that was progressive and strong in the arts, Jessica first learned metalsmithing. Jessica went on to study Anthropology and Photography and received her Bachelor of Arts at Connecticut College. Following graduation, she pursued her interests in architecture and documentary film. She went on to study law and practiced for ten years, always maintaining creative projects on the side.

Following her passion and the positive reaction to her carved pieces, Jessica decided to leave her career as a lawyer and design jewelry full time.




Quality and understatement are the two guiding principles behind Pramma. Created by accessory designer Stefania Pramma, this collection of handbags focuses on luxury in its purest sense: superb materials and production methods allied to a discreet and timeless aesthetic. Founded in 2014, Pramma is a fusion of the designer’s Northern Italian heritage with the global perspective of a naturalised New Yorker. Over the past two decades, Stefania has honed her design skills by working collaboratively on accessory ranges for a number of luxury brands in Europe, Asia and the US, thus ensuring that her own collection marries practicality with a sense of the exquisite.

Each piece is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen and is designed with longevity foremost in mind. Each style reflects an aspect of Stefania’s own creative and intellectual journey, culminating in a collection that is as idiosyncratic as it is beautiful.




Alexia Gryllaki, the Athens-born jewellery designer and gemologist, likes nothing more than to put her eye to the lens of a microscope and marvel at the otherworldly patterns and hidden geometry of gemstones. She is intrigued by the properties of gems and inspired by their mesmerizing inclusions. For her, natural formations could evoke the fluid expressionism of Edward Munch, while a sapphire may feature distinctive inclusions reminiscent of the art of Gerhard Richter.

Alexia’s route into jewellery was a circuitous one. A true polymath, she has a BSC in Philosophy and History of Science, an MA in Corporate Finance and in 2012 completed a degree in Gemology and Jewellery Design at the Gemological Institute of America in London.

The jewellery designer spent the first three years of her jewellery career designing behind-the-scenes for luxury brands and at a high-end gemstone dealer in London’s Hatton Garden, testing andauthenticating gemstones. Winning the coveted President’sInternational Design Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America in November 2015 gave her the confidence and impetus to launch her eponymous collection in early 2016. She won on the strength of her fully rendered drawings – drawing being another of her passions – before the piece was finished.




Florencia Tellado is a Buenos Aires based designer and stylist.

She attended Palermo University for her fashion design studies, developed her millinery skills with Laura Noetinger and assisted Noel Stewart in London.

Extravagant and spontaneous, her designs define her as a referent of originality, creativity and quality.Her collaborations include work for designers such as: Pablo Ramirez,Jessica Trosman, Garza Lobos, Vanesa Krongold, Uma, and Bandoleiro. These collaborations were presented on Berlin Fashion Week, Buenos Aires Fashion Week, among others.

Her designs were worn by leading figures such as: Almodovar’s muse Rossy de Palma, Argentina’s former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Actresses Norma Aleandro, Marilú Marini, Carla Peterson and Griselda Siciliani. Recently she featured her selected works on the London Hat week 2016


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