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Benoit Missolin’s playful hair accessories give more than a nod to popular culture, with inspiration taken from silhouettes emblazoned into our conscious. This design signature has led to creations like the Mickey Bibi, and his infamous bunny ears, which add a chic sense of fun to any outfit. Each piece is hand crafted from the most luxurious materials, making it a pleasure not only to wear, but also to behold.

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Born in Avignon in 1973, Benoit spent his childhood in Provence, where as a child he created outfits for his Snoopy, scribbled designs in the margins of his schoolbooks and became consumed by the world of design.

This surge of creativity was maintained well into his older years when Benoit sent sketches to all the big fashion houses in Paris. With a response from Christian Lacroix he began his career in the fashion industry, with the couturier acting as a mentor and guide. After attending the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, and heading off to the Studio Berçot, Benoit worked at Christian Lacroix, Jean Colonna, Thierry Mugler, and lastly Fred Sathal.

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Benoit presented his first mixed catwalk show with a Tyrolese-Disc inspiration. The following collections go from “Croisière à Hawaï” to “Piste aux Etoiles”, which resulted in Benoit winning the Swiss Textile Award at the Gwand Festival.

Today, Chapurin, Diesel Gold Label, Bernhard Whilelm, MAC or Jean Paul Goude ask him to accessorize their runway shows and advertisements. To date Benoit has collaborated with clients such as Cartier, Anna Sui, Absolut Vodka and photographer Vincent Gapailldard.

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