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Joelle Kharrat


Joelle Kharrat grew up in Lebanon, an oriental environment where women celebrate their femininity, beauty and elegance through jewelry. Inspired by the culture that surrounds her, Joelle founded her own jewelry brand in 2008, named Joelle Kharrat. Her collections are bold and fearless; catering to the modern, confident and refined woman, who masters her own style and appearance effortlessly.

From necklaces to rings, every piece is transformed into wearable art that surprises and seduces; there is an instant attraction for success. Every woman looking for a sophisticated style with eye-catching and authentic pieces look to Joelle Kharrat’s unique collections.

Created with ethically sourced prime materials that are produced in her own studio in Lebanon, the designer pays close attention to detail and quality. Joelle’s collections are typically designed into different moods. However, for the most daring women, Joelle pieces can be mixed and matched endlessly, regardless of mood.

The collection offers a multitude of possibilities, layering different styles and colours, giving a feel of freedom to every woman out there wanting to use jewellery as an expression of mood and personality.

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