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From Brazil, with love.

A love story. That’s how Lapima’s trajectory began, in 2016. Created by the couple Gisela and Gustavo Assis, the brand carries not only their watchful approach, but also the will to make something personal out of a business – starting from the name choice, inspired by the first words ever spoken by one of their three children. “Instead of saying ‘lá em cima’ (up there), he used to say ‘lapima’, explains Gisela. “It became a joke that we always cherished and we thought it would make for a great name, after all Lapima is practically our fourth child”.

Yes, it took two years in the womb until Gisela and Gustavo mapped the market and found the right suppliers and materials to bring their sunglasses to life.

The first model was Carlota 2, with a modern design but a retro feel, a style that can be seen in every creation. “Lapima was born from the desire to make something beautiful, inspiring, aesthetically interesting, with a timeless design, and also, of course, useful for people”, tells Gustavo.

The aesthetic value comes a long way. A classic dancer since the age of 14, Gisela was always involved with the art world and lived in Europe for four years, studying ballet and absorbing as much culture as possible. After that, she expanded her business expertise by studying marketing in college and working in that area for a while.

If that wasn’t enough, the match with Gustavo couldn’t be better. A visionary with a sense for business running in his blood, he launched his first enterprise at the age of 19, after a few years living in Boston. For 12 years, his chain of fashion/lifestyle stores grew, expanded and he opened venues in the couple’s hometown, Campinas, and also in Ribeirão Preto.

Together, they represent the essence of Lapima, a brand that goes beyond functionality and creates an identity and authenticity rarely seen in the Brazilian market. But don’t think they deny their origins, on the contrary. While the feedstock is imported, due to quality, the slogan Shaped in Brazil makes it clear that behind the brand there is the swing of our tropical, naturally beautiful (and creative) country.

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