Pramma Pramma



Quality and understatement are the two guiding principles behind Pramma. Created by accessory designer Stefania Pramma, this collection of handbags focuses on luxury in its purest sense: superb materials and production methods allied to a discreet and timeless aesthetic.

Founded in 2014, Pramma is a fusion of the designer’s Northern Italian heritage with the global perspective of a naturalised New Yorker. Over the past two decades, Stefania has honed her design skills by working collaboratively on accessory ranges for a number of luxury brands in Europe, Asia and the US, thus ensuring that her own collection marries practicality with a sense of the exquisite. Combining the best Italian and French materials, Pramma bags showcase the pristine quality of the skins by eradicating unnecessary seams – ensuring a purity of line that can be achieved only when quality is paramount.

Each piece is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen and is designed with longevity foremost in mind. In addition, the measured use of precious and semiprecious stones on each piece reveals the designer’s love of ne jewellery, yet simultaneously underscores the intensely personal nature of the brand: every style re ects an aspect of Stefania’s own creative and intellectual journey, culminating in a collection that is as idiosyncratic as it is beautiful.

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