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Sybille von Münster


In 2013, having just graduated in fashion design from the Studio Berçot in Paris, Sybille von Münster went to join her father’s architecture firm in Switzerland. Here, at the heart of the creative process, she was initiated into the vocabulary of architecture and design. Very soon she nurtured a desire to launch her brand of jewellery that would be designed as architectural miniatures. Her eponymous brand was born in early 2016. Her jewellery designs are a blend of graphic forms and pure lines, in gold and gemstones. They are handmade in Italy, in the town of Valenza, nicknamed the “city of gold”. Here, in the most prestigious jewellery houses, the designs are crafted by craftsmen and women whose guaranteed expertise is passed down from generation to generation. Each piece starts with a technical and artistic design which prefigures the jewel in volume and colour, using the “gouaché” technique as per the tradition.

The “Figure” Collection

Ever faithful to her love of geometric abstraction, the creator has pursued her artistic exploration, developing forms and materials in her second collection named “Figure”. We find a dialogue of curves and straight lines, full and empty space, transparency and brilliance in this ethereal jewellery penetrated by light in a fusion of gold and rock crystal.

Her source of inspiration is the image of crystal clear water with its beautiful reflections of light. The architectural construction of the pieces is reminiscent of the lights created by the designer Michael Anastassiades, and more especially his “Mobile Chandelier” – a range of suspended lights launched in 2008 – minimalist creations and pure lines. In Sybille von Munster’s creations, the curves evoke a feeling of lightness and freedom, contrasting with the rigour of the geometry that supports them. The creator has dreamt up a yellow and white gold set of thirty or so rings, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings and necklaces enriched with gems and pearls. With this second collection, Sybille has enriched her architectural and artistic language.

The cufflink is the brand’s signature piece, designed as a construction of graphic lines opening onto mini spheres of rock crystal; a double choker in gold of pure lines set with diamonds; linear earrings overlaid with pearls: the roundness of the gemstones balances the fine linear work. A series of loop earrings, pendant earrings and clip earrings have been developed in the same vein. Precious craftsmanship is undertaken by an artisan jeweller from the Valenza region in Italy. Jewellery that harmoniously occupies space between modern design and traditional craftsmanship.


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