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A genuine passion for jewellery is what led Livia Lazzari to experiment and then create objects, which feature a rude, wild and rebellious soul.

She started her journey graduating with honours in Jewellery Design at Istituto Europeodi Design. During the years of the IED School, her training was enriched by many professional experiences including an internship at the boutique of the Korean designer Kim Bernardin, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and a 3D modelling course at the Learning Institute of Massoni, the historical Roman jewellery. She attended many courses at Central Saint Martin in London, including “Intermediate jewellery making” and “Design and Illustration for jewellery” held by the prominent British designer Hannah Martin. After an internship at Nanis, fine Italian jewels as a jewellery designer, she decided to focus on developing a personal project: the Voodoo Jewels brand.

She lives in Rome, focusing on a continuous search for fascinating shapes and alluring inspirations. Her collections arise from the blend of tribal atmospheres, shamanic rituals and a fascination for natural world.

Recently she exhibited some of her works at La Triennale di Milano during the exhibition “A-Z, Il nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana” and she has been selected among the10 fashion designer to represent Lazio, her region in fashion. Livia is one of the designers of “Fashion lab”, a mentoring course organised by Camera Nazio.

Voodoo Jewels is a project which arises from the need to liberate the jewel from the classic idea of a precious object, linked to the use of noble and expensive materials. It gives jewels a new urban character, strong and rebellious.

The brand follows a more contemporary design vision: the uniqueness lies in the creative and productive capacity, rather than the rarity of the materials. The collections are created by the study of the natural world and the relationship between mankind and nature.

In the tribal cultures, voodoo objects are invested with magical qualities; they are the link between the human dimension and the spirits of the nature. Similarly, the Voodoo

Jewels creations are the intermediary between an earthly reality and an enchanted world, made of spirits and ghosts. The extreme materiality of the object is linked both to the desire to reproduce the natural surfaces, and the need to communicate a sense of authentic artistry.

Every jewel is an exclusive tale of a complex and articulated world. Each jewel is hand-crafted and is a unique and unrepeatable object gifted with strength and magic.

Voodoo Jewels has been selected by Not Just a Label among the 100 designer of “Origin, passion and beliefs” and is part of “A-Z, Il nuovo Vocabolario della Moda Italiana” exhibition which took place at La Triennale di Milano.nale della Moda Italiana to support italian emerging designers.

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