Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris

Fine Jewellery Presentation in Paris


Valery Demure launched its first Fine jewellery presentation during Paris Couture in July. Showcasing five up and coming talents, each of them proposing a precise signature, against a background of opulent antique furniture and objects.

Adding diamonds to the pearl repertoire, Couture with Melanie Georgacopoulos stays true to the sophistication and playfulness her works is known for, yet it pushes new design boundaries to challenge not only the concept of classic pearl jewellery but jewellery design itself. Pearls, diamonds and yellow gold are the main players in an aesthetic negotiation brimming with symbolism and intrigue.


Fernando Jorge’s jewellery is imbued with an organic sensuality and a natural feeling of movement and elegance, an aesthetic inherently Brazilian in its approach. Jorge gives standard materials – often overlooked in Brazil due to their abundance – his trademark finish, including stones cut in unique forms, and delicate snake chain, all underpinned by an innate sense of the experimental


Nikos Koulis’ pieces capture rock-chic combined with elements of his Mediterranean origin. The result of his work is a harmonious integration of precious materials, creating jewels of the highest quality.


Noor’s collections combine new and interesting materials – bronze, exotic woods from ebony to jet, diamonds and gemstones of every shade – and always with hidden protection in the form of lucky motifs


Monique Péan is known for its distinctive and eco-friendly materials, most notably fossilized woolly mammoth and fossilized walrus ivory. Monique works with indigenous artisans to procure the fossils, which have been organically preserved in ice, sea and land for 10,000 to 150,000 years. The tan, brown, pink and blue hues are the result of thousands of years of mineralization and vary based on where the fossils rested in the earth or ocean. The more vivid the colour, the more precious and rare these unique pieces are.


This event was only made possible thanks to the generosity and support of Mrs Victoria Fernandez and of the Rossi Family, owners of Galerie Aveline /Jean Marie Rossi,  94 rue du Faubourg St Honoré.


Melanie Georgacopoulos & Caroline Issa


Leila Kashanipour & Claire Distenfeld from FiveStory, NYC


Margherita Missoni, Rossita Missoni & Fernando Jorge


Noor Fares & Dalia Oberlander


Miroslava Duma, NoorFares & Nassiba Adilova


Anne-Valérie Hash


Stéphanie Roger from White Bird, Paris


Monique Péan & Caroline Issa


The designers Fernando, Noor, Nikos, Monique & Mélanie

“It is very important for me to always visit Valery Demure’s showroom in Paris, this time held in the most exquisite antique shop in Galerie Aveline, Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.As usual, Valery did a wonderful job showcasing the most current fine jewellers in couture week…..I am fascinated by the modernity and creativity of jewellers like Melanie Georgacopoulos and Fernando Jorge, Noor Fares new geometric shapes, Nikos whimsical owls, Monique Péan’s modern take on fossils with diamonds, all luxurious and highly covetable. It is a privilege to be able to talk to the designers at the same time. We always find newness here.”

Ruth Chapman, founder of Matches fashion (London)

“Thrilled to be working with Valery Demure and truly impressed with her curations – the most talented group of emerging designers coming out of Europe today.”

Dalia Oberlander, founder

To be very honest with you, I felt that the couture presentation you did this July expressed a remarkable step forward You made it right  by both the quality of the brands represented : edgy, contemporary and chic  … as well as the space where you showed : the right area of Paris and the elegance of the space. Valéry definitely has an eye and knows how to put things together !

Stéphanie Roger, founder White Bird Jewellery (Paris)

I was thoroughly impressed not only by the level of talent showing their collections at the Valery Demure showroom in Paris, but the setting in an antiques gallery among precious tables and chairs was equally impressive. Valery Demure’s showroom is definitely one not to miss if you want to discover the next big thing in jewellery, and this season was absolutely no different. My perennial favorite Monique Pean’s collection was divine and a real highlight amongst stars.

Caroline Issa, founder of Tank Magazine and (London)

“The showroom, with its mix of art and antiques, was the perfect setting to discover precious jewels peaking out of drawers or seductively laid out on a tables.”

Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

“As usual, Valery’s Fine Jewelry presentation never lets down. This time for the Paris Couture it was really amazing and sumptuous. The baroque influences of the location have created the perfect harmony with the stunning pieces that were on show. From the refined elegance of Monique Pean’s colorful stone necklaces to the artistic skills of Nikos Koulis, from the sinuous appeal of Melanie Georgacopoulos’ pearl to the feminine touch of Brazilian Fernando Jorge’s collections. In general, Valery Demure’s ability in creating the perfect synergy in mixing and matching different styles and aesthetic languages always strikes me to be the only one in the jewelry market to succeed in exploring talents, their creative ability focusing on their most original, contemporary and exceptional qualities”

Federica Frosini, Jewellery Editor Vogue Gioiello

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