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Images and Aspirations


Each season, once Paris market has ended, we choose to unveil a few of the campaigns our brands have created to entice us into their world. A campaign goes far beyond showing a product, it is a visual statement, a declaration of principles. An individual statement that aims to stand out from the collective output of imagery. Campaigns are aspirations, projections of a designer’s creative vision.

This season again, we have selected the images that feel the strongest visual representation of our brands values. Enjoy!


“The idea behind the Campaign was to take Florencia’s way of sketching and iconise her drawing style into something clean, elegant but still very appealing to the audience. Using uncommon color combinations to tap directly into the scenes and reinforce the idea of fantasy, heroes and villains that the collection portrays.”

“Bows, love and other issues”

Inspired by heroes and villains of her dreams and fantasies, the collection is a celebration of color with a healthy sense of humour. Florencia Tellado creates eccentric characters that won’t go unnoticed. Wool, leather and velvet are combined through traditional and modern millinery techniques. Handmade with love in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The Weather Channel brings two narratives together. One is a story of “bags that are to be chosen as you look out the window and check the weather”, as Tessier describes. Four song titles wittily selected to represent different meteorological moments are hand-embroidered on four bags, each of them suited to suit a woman´s mood in accordance to the weather.

For this new campaign, I wanted again to create “glam tongue-in-cheek images”. I loved the idea of a sexy lady in a fur coat lying in a pool of ice cubes, I thought this image would really sum up the mood I was in when I created this capsule collection.


For his AW17 campaign Benoit Missolin has worked with the famous Taiwanese Hit girl Judy Chou. He met her via Instagram.

Whilst Judy was travelling in Europe Benoit organised a photoshoot with his Fashion photographer friend John Paul Pietrus in London.

Judy Chou felt like the perfect muse to show Benoit Missolin 10th anniversary collection.


“At the heart of the modern classics collection is the signet ring.  I received a Tiffany gold signet ring with my initials from my father when I was 20.  It became my favorite piece and favorite style of jewelry.  Another iconic piece of fashion that I love and wear all spring and summer is the Breton shirt. I combined the two classics in fashion in my stripe jewellery.” The skateboard and the girl in the dress are about the urban elegant jungle of NY.  The city is a constant mix of the speed and energy of the street with elevated art and design.

Living in NY city all of my life, I am addicted to and inspired by the pace and the crazy colourful environment. I also cherish the gems scattered throughout. Like walking on a Calder sidewalk and looking up at a Breuer building.  This is my vocabulary and it informs my aesthetic.


Aesther Ekme’s minimal and classic aesthetics is translated this season into the Fall Winter 2017 campaign that is introspective and cinematic. The mood is inspired by a combination of Irving Penn’s portraits and film noir’s lighting and characters, particularly Louis Malle’s 1958 film ‘L’Ascenseur pour l’échafaud’, played by Jeanne Moreau, who’s elegance is both mysterious and melancholic.


“This season we worked with Georgie Badiel, Former Miss Africa, she has a quiet and joyful strength. She embodied the subtle and delicate details of this collection.”silhouettes”.

“Drawing inspiration from Mark Rothko’s series of dark paintings, the collection is weighted with a refined subversive touch.The palette is comprised of a nuanced palette of warm merlot, cement and black.Textural trim detailing of couture elements such as pheasant and ostrich feather fringe  add a delicate and playful touch to the somber shades. ”


Eva Zuckerman-Fehren’s aim when she asked a bunch of NY based women-friends-relatives if they would agree to be her muses and embody her vision for the time of a photoshoot was to celebrate these women for the authenticity of their work, their creativity, boldness and independence.

“Mostly, I sought to demonstrate my overwhelming appreciation for all of those who inspire me to keep creating and reaching higher.” The result is a set of ten clean, minimal black and white pictures of women, pictures showing a diverse range of women representing for Eva “Beauty, feminity, personality and strength”.

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