Interview with Mathilde

Interview with Mathilde


We photographed Mathilde Castello Brown in her delightful apartment in Versailles. Filled with antique treasures, found objects and taxidermy. Brazilian-born, Paris-based, Mathilde is a Creative Director with a distinctive and unconventional style reflecting Parisian chic. She nurtures an emotional approach to her work and a great passion for decorating taxidermy; her creativity emerges from her ‘joie de vivre’. 

Tell us about a woman who you find beautiful and inspiring? I am very fond of Audrey Hepburn, she is a mix of chic, controlled, nonchalant, ‘espièglerie’, boyish and pure modern femininity.

Which accessory do you like to wear to complete your silhouette? Belts… large, thin, leather or fabric ones but belts!!!!

What do you collect? I love collecting old sewing machines, old porcelain cups, old cabin trucks, pearls, strass, feathers and Japanese papers.

What object do you cherish most? My favourite object is a 1912 grey flannel Amazonian rider outfit that I sometimes wear.

If you were a colour, what colour would you be? If I had to be a colour I would like to be chrome yellow.

What’s your favourite smell? My favourite smell is vanilla.

What’s your favourite dish? Anything made with chocolate.

Recommend us a book that changed your life? ‘Stupeur et tremblement’ an autobiography by Amelie Nothomb. I have read this book at a moment in life, when I felt to be having a very similar experience. And yes it has changed my life because she proves how a surrealistic experience can make you decide to say stop and finally run after your dreams, and do what you are probably made for.

Recommend us a film that has stayed with you? The Piano by Jane Campion.

What piece of music defines you? Mathilde est revenue! by Jacques Brel.

Tell us about the most amazing place you have travelled to? When I went to French Guiana with my husband and friends and we slept in the middle of the Amazonian jungle, surrounded by extraordinary birds, fairy tales trees, scary noises; drinking passion fruit punch and eating caimans from the river!

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