Interview with Volha

Interview with Volha


Born from the creative collaboration between jewellery editor Olga Prokopova and interior designer Yulia Sukhareva. Volha jewellery explores architectural codes through precious stones. Here we interview Olga to discover a little more of her inspirations.

How and when did you decide to become a designer? I have degree in law, and was originally set to go into international relations, but my true passion has always been fashion and art. I was working as jewellery editor at Tatler Russia when the idea of creating my own jewellery brand struck.

What was the first piece you ever created, and does it correlate with your vision today? Several years ago, I created my first Volha necklace – a combination of geometrically shaped semi-precious and fancy stones  – which has been replicated countless times all over the world since then.  The necklace has become the brand’s classic model, and though the form remains the same, the color combination has not repeated once.  The configuration lasts, while the content always evolves. Innovation, exclusivity, and bold combination of gemstones with modern materials are the main priorities of the brand.

Do your childhood and past experiences inform your designs? How? My preoccupation with nature and minerals, art and architecture, my attention to details and love for exploration, together with my experience as a jewelry editor – all these form a basis for my creations today.

Do you have any rituals when you design? I have daily rituals such as morning yoga, meditation, and the raw food diet. My main goal is to accumulate energy, which is later transferred into my creations.

When you design a piece, what is important to you? It is important for me to preserve inner silence to hear and to follow my gut feelings. It allows ideas to settle in my mind.

What is your favorite environment when you design? Decorations may differ but the aesthetics of the environment is important. Saying this, not all insights reach you when you’re surrounded with white sand and pink flamingos!

What would be your dream material to work with? Why? I already work with gemstones and believe them to be a very genuine and picturesque material, but my next collection will be fine jewelry. I have long desired to implement the idea of using ethereal substances and precious stones.

What is your greatest source of inspiration? Space and its expanse.

If you could choose a muse, who would it be? Creative Dante Ferretti and genius Nikola Tesla.

Who is your favourite designer across all disciplines? I admire many designers, at the moment this person is Yulia Sukhareva, an architect and my partner for Volha Jewelry Urban Collection. I appreciate her creative ingenuity and individuality. I believe that an exchange of experience across disciplines can lead to cutting-edge design. This is how Urban Collection was born – a juxtaposition of fashion and architecture, infusing passion for genuine materials and color with bold and graphic forms of monumental art.

Tell us your favourite experience of encountering someone you did not know wearing your design. Who was it and what was the piece? Where was it? How did you feel? When Miroslava Duma posted her Instagram picture wearing my classic necklace with green agate, my phone exploded with numerous calls and letters within a minute. When a worldwide fashion authority endorses your creative work, what kind of feeling might you have? Only infinite gratitude!

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