Interview with Judy

Interview with Judy


Judy Chou’s concept of creativity applies to everything in her life, from her playful and unique style to her inventive self-expression. A true style icon that marches to the beat of her own drum. Her support and passion for the Taiwan’s fashion scene lead her to role as host of the TV show “Cool Taiwan”. We photographed Judy during a visit in London at The Peanut Vendor

Tell us about a woman who you find beautiful and inspiring? Catherine Baba

Which accessory do you like to wear to complete your silhouette? Earrings. Because I have short hair I like to wear big earrings.

What do you collect? Earrings

What object do you cherish most? All the things my parents gave me

If you were a colour, what colour would you be? Black(can be mysterious , can be cool , can be powerful ,can be crazy….)

What’s your favourite smell? Musk

What’s your favourite dish?  Taiwanese foods: Spicy chòu Tofu

Recommend us a book that changed your life? 千面女郎Glass Mask(Inspirational girl comic book)

Recommend us a film that has stayed with you? 重慶森林Chungking Express director:Wong Kar-Wai

What piece of music defines you? Electronic music

Tell us about the most amazing place you have travelled to? Malta! (Blue Grotto, Valletta…). This year I went to Malta to study at language school EC Malta. Even if my English is not good, but there are people who are very nice. Then I fell in love with that country. There are Beautiful seaside,Whole year warm weather,Millennium monuments, and Lovely people! But I think the most beautiful scenery is People!

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