Interview with Kuri

Interview with Kuri


Kuri disarms with her charm and her free spirit, life with her is never boring. Her generosity and straight spoken outlook are both refreshing and endearing. A child at heart, with Kuri, what you see is what you get. Her personal style reflects her personality – fun, eclectic and always accessorised with a striking statement piece. This curation reveals a not so typical Japanese woman.

Tell us about a woman who you find beautiful and inspiring? My mother! It is not easy for me to describe her, but to put it simply, I would say she is very pure, honest, natural, straightforward, intelligent, both strong and vulnerable, generous, negative, crazy, confused, etc. She has always been true to herself and has never hidden who she is ! She has never tried to be a perfect woman nor a perfect mother. She is a great source of inspiration to me and questions me on who and how I am as a real human being.

Which accessory do you like to wear to complete your silhouette? At the moment, I really enjoy wearing a hat to tell a story with my style and silhouette.

What do you collect? I am not collecting particular things anymore. I used to keep on buying and collecting records, books, fashion garments and accessories, etc. However, nowadays I only keep things that are really special in my life, like drawings and paintings made by my little nieces and nephews. Things like these, I do not want to throw away, it can be a great collection to me to build.

What object do you cherish most? Ceramics for meals! I love cooking and eating (…and of course drinking)! Therefore, I am very careful when selecting them and I enjoy using them to serve and eat my yum-yum creations, this gives me so much joy before and after eating.

If you were a colour, what colour would you be? Red as passion, love, sun and blood.

What’s your favourite smell? The smell of essential oil produced by SHIGETA known as “Golden Drops”.

What’s your favourite dish? Soba noodle.

Recommend us a book that changed your life? HIMALAYA by Eric Valli, a French photographer.

Recommend us a film that has stayed with you? The Royal Tenenbaums directed by Wes Anderson… I love the guy; a naughty Royal who personfies the black-sheep, just like me!

What piece of music defines you? WADAIKO music (Japanese drum) and “Deve Ser Amor” by Baden Powell, a Brazilian guitarist.

Tell us about the most amazing place you have travelled to? I don’t remember the name of the place exactly but, I travelled to the middle of nowhere in the Scottish Highlands last year. I hiked in the peninsula, there was not a single human soul but many deers in exquisite nature. It was just so simple and breathtakingly beautiful!




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