Interview with Marion

Interview with Marion


Introducing Marion Graux, a French ceramist. Our favourite thing about Marion is her authenticity. Her inherent delicacy and warmth are endearing. She creates objects that celebrates the ordinary and make the everyday beautiful. Marion is an aesthete who values craftsmanship, beautiful objects and fabrics. We photographed Marion on a slow family Sunday in her beautiful Parisian flat filled with her ceramics. For this curation, Marion made a selection of timeliness and refined accessories.

Tell us about a woman who you find beautiful and inspiring? Women who write, François Sagan for her vigour, Duras and her rough feminity, Annie Ernaux for the intimacy… And ceramist women, all. There is also Ronit Elkabetz, what a beauty! I am more sensitive to women who are after their forties, before this, beauty is easier, it is the fruit of a certain coincidence. After, it is the reflect of the soul. And my mother of course, my all time reference.

Which accessory do you like to wear to complete your silhouette? I inherited many luxurious accessories from my mother, bags, jewellery, scarves, … I dress in a simple manner but with beautiful materials and I always add an accessory from my mother to elevate the silhouette. A Kelly, a ring adorned with a Tahiti pearl, a Hermès scarf, and cashmere, always cashmere!

What do you collect? I don’t collect anything! I try to limit myself to the essentials, it is a daily quest on all matters. “Less but better”

What object do you cherish most? For the birth of my daughter Anouk, my husband has had made by Catherine Levy, the Designer of Dorette jewellery, a gold chain with a rubis casted at the same level as the chain, but not as a pendant, it makes all the difference! He said that we will add a stone for the birth of our children. It is the most beautiful present…

If you were a colour, what colour would you be? Pink of course. The natural pink from the skin in all its states. I always seek this colour for ma ceramics.

What’s your favourite smell? My mother used to weat Mitshouko from Guerlain in winter, and L’Eau de Campagne from Sisley in summer. These two fragrances instantly transports me into my childhood memories.

What’s your favourite dish? Chocolate for sure, I would sell my soul for it…

Recommend us a book that changed your life? La Correspondance from Jacqueline Lerat and Anne Dangar. Two women who are ceramists. This lecture helped me understand that ceramic was a life on its own.

Recommend us a film that has stayed with you? I don’t know! I then to forget movies I see…

What piece of music defines you? Yerushalaim shel zahav, a traditional song that overwhelms me every time, no matter who the interpreter is.

Tell us about the most amazing place you have travelled to? Everywhere, as long as I am with my husband.


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