Interview with Sammi

Interview with Sammi


Part Italian, part British, Sammi is the co-founder of the old band tees & heavy metal inspired label Hallow. Also known for her fashion blog, Sammi’s looks are coveted by thousands. With her mesmerising gaze and upbeat personality, her sincerity and authenticity are refreshing! On top of sharing her love for tattoos and the colour black, we fell for her penchant for bold accessories and the way she stacks her jewels. Discover the selected edit reflecting Sammi’s sophisticated rock n’roll style.

Tell us about a woman who you find beautiful and inspiring? There isn’t one per se – but a confident, strong woman with interests, who knows and understands who they are – they are always high in my books.

Which accessory do you like to wear to complete your silhouette? Coat, hat, sunglasses. Sometimes all three 😉

What do you collect? I don’t really collect things, but I’d be pretty bummed to lose my books…or handbags.

What object do you cherish most? My dad’s wedding ring.

If you were a colour, what colour would you be? It’s gotta be black! Always black.

What’s your favourite smell? Coffee brewing in the morning, wood burning fires, pumpkin scented candles.

What’s your favourite dish? Grilled prawns & fresh chilli! Also…pizza. Pizza forever.

Recommend us a book that changed your life? A possibly obvious choice, but it has to be ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ by J.D. Salinger. I love this book eternally (my son’s middle name is Holden).

Recommend us a film that has stayed with you? The Big Lebowski.  It’s the ultimate nothing-of-merit-really-happens film, with the most perfect characters, script and soundtrack.

What piece of music defines you? Anything by A Perfect Circle or Type O Negative.

Tell us about the most amazing place you have travelled to? Italy. I am part Italian, and honestly – I always feel at home there, even though I have never lived there. Lake Como & Florence stand out for me; but I have a lot more to see.


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