Kova’s next chapter Kova’s next chapter Kova’s next chapter Kova’s next chapter Kova’s next chapter

Kova’s next chapter


Collection II is the next chapter in the design evolution of KOVA. A wave of sinuous lines that brings a freshly feminine dimension to the trademark, gender-neutral KOVA look.

The collection incorporates both values of unabashed modernity and classical codes of timelessness – a relevant combination to cement this young fine jewellery brand ́s fashion and style foundation.

KOVA looks again to Russian art history for creative force. Just as Collection I revisited Supremacism, Collection II leans towards the movement that ensued: Constructivism.

Alexander Rodchenko and the followers of Kazimir Malevich, their work more fluid than that of their predecessors, provide the design esprit for KOVA ́s new stage. The geometric graphism of the past develops into linear, flowing structures. The vision becomes curvaceous and closer to traditional notions of femininity.

Collection II introduces yellow gold, a first for the brand. The unexpected warmth is balanced with the deep clarity of white diamonds: A thoroughly modern association.

Yellow is also combined with high polish black gold, which makes for a bold and graphic duo. Nephrite Jade, previously used in the inaugural Haute Couture collection, débuts in KOVA ready-to-wear.

Another veritable statement in modernity is the custom cut that adds depth to a collection abundant in finishing possibilities.

The contemporary factor comes in the form of “wearable, day-to-night appropriate design”, says creative director K Kova. “The key pieces in Collection II are the stackable rings, the single earring and the necklace. Staples for a new generation; jewels to transport the wearer from morning to evening with smart, easy, cool refinement”.

Collection II was designed in London and is entirely hand-made by artisans using 18k gold, Nephrite Jade and pavé diamonds.

Kova’s latest campaign was shot by Lina Scheynius with model, Lisa Helene in London.

Current stockists include Browns (London), Colette (Paris), Broken English (Los Angeles) and Factory 54 (Tel Aviv)

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