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Launching in Paris


We are pleased to announce the launch of two beautiful brands, with a clear focus on design, wearability and impeccable quality. Both brands will show with us in Paris, from the 28th of February to the 8th of March. Be ready to be seduced!


Innis’s bags are exceptionally covetable and slyly distinctive. Innis has hit on a quiet aesthetic that somehow holds your attention. Perhaps that’s not so surprising, given its founder and designer, Innis Chandor worked on J&M Davidson’s bags for years. Designed in London, made in Italy, there are five different shapes in a changing roster of colours, all leather lined but exceptionally light, deceptive spacious and functional.

The unique approach of INNIS was conceived after the founder Innis’s extensive design experience in Japan. Much taken with the appreciation of quality, discretion and ritual encountered there, Innis decided that the company would conduct itself with these characteristics in mind. Therefore in 2015 with this knowledge and understanding of the business, the exclusive bag and accessories company INNIS London was founded with Alexandra Foulkes. Innis’s work is characterised by a clarity of conception, a purity of design and an excellence of execution.

Sibylle von Munster

After graduating in fashion design from the Studio Berçot Paris in 2013, Sibylle von Münster joined her father’s architecture firm in Switzerland. Immersed in the creative process, she was introduced to the vocabulary of architecture and the world of design. She soon developed a desire to launch a brand of small jewellery that would be designed as architectural miniatures. Her eponymous brand was born in early 2016. Sibylle’s jewellery designs have graphic forms and pure lines, in gold with semiprecious stones. They are handmade in Italy, in Valenza, nicknamed the “city of gold”: the most prestigious jewellery houses have their pieces made here by craftsmen and -women whose expertise, a guarantee of quality, is passed down from generation to generation.

Sibylle de Münster’s first collection, named Resonance, comprises an ensemble of rings, cuff bracelets, earrings and necklaces, in 9-carat gold with semi precious stones: natural amethyst, blue topaz, black onyx. Architectural inspirations and musical abstraction inform their design. Her line of jewellery is based on harmony and balance of volume and form: the Fortissimo choker, with its four thin lines of gold that meet in the front in a quartet of geometrical motifs, evocative of a treble clef; the Ostinato cuff bracelet with its eight-line stave envelops the wrist, merging in a pool of blue-lagoon topaz; the Crescendo ring composed of six horizontal lines and spaces rising up the index finger. The designer sees music as “architecture in motion”. She captures the sounds that inspire her, drawing on their essence to modelise and glaze them, and turn them into pieces of jewellery. This transformation from abstraction to representation, symbolism to transcription, imagination to realisation is the creative theme running through Sibylle de Münster’s work.

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