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Taal Noir fashion jewellery is inspired by a broad landscape that takes in traditional Indian jewellery, textiles, temple architecture, Eastern spirituality, Indian contemporary art, European contemporary art and the clean lines of modernist architecture.

“My hope is that Taal Noir will be a vehicle through which to share India’s unique narrative and contribute to keeping its heritage techniques alive.”- says founder and creative director of Taal Noir, Shivani Pathak.

Launching for Resort 19, this new jewellery line celebrates the multi-layered essence of Indian design, a legacy of its past as a cultural crossroads and a centre of trade.

Using a contemporary language, Taal Noir’s modern forms reframe this rich history.

Pathak considers India’s glorious design tradition to be one of its greatest treasures. Her upbringing, with parents hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, shaped her love of Indian culture and the distinctive traditions that come from the north and south.

Born in Boston, with formative years spent in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and London, Pathak is well travelled and urbane. Because of this, she brings a cosmopolitan artistic viewpoint and curiousness to her collection.

RESORT19 PARIS | 22 June – 28 June 2018| 81 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris | Appointments: sales@valerydemure.com

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