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Their visual statement


Each season, once Paris market has ended, we choose to unveil a few of the campaigns our brands have created to bring us into their very personal story. A campaign goes far beyond showing a product, it is a visual statement, a declaration of principles. An individual statement that aims to stand out from the collective output of imagery. Campaigns are aspirations, projections of a designer’s creative vision.

This season again, we have selected the images that feel the strongest visual representation of our brands values. Enjoy!


“The bright colors of the Brazilian summer were our inspiration, Summer is what we, Brazilians live day by day. The hot orange sun reflection either in a baby blue pool or in a deep blue ocean. All the green, pink and red tones from the flowers, leaves, forests…. shades conveying a happy day! Vanilla from the clouds that bring the happy summer rains, the smell of wet grass, the joy of long days, the bossa nova feelings….”


“The aim of this campaign is to showcase the use of an accessory that has almost been forgotten. Photographed by world renowned photographers Luciana Val and Franco Musso, this campaign is telling a younger and fresher story about millinery. “Hats don’t need special occasions, they just need an exceptional mind.”


“We went to shoot a campaign for my jewellery in a house loaned to us by an art collector. The house had the most amazing view of a valley. You could hear the bells from the sheep. The garden was covered by two meters of tall herbs, scented with oregano and lavender, we were almost hypnotised by the strong fragrances. Our plan was to shoot in the coolest places, but we stayed in the house for five days, we did not go anywhere. Everyone was present. There was a huge respect for each other’s work and we fell in love with each other’s craft. A photographer, a model-artist, a stylist and myself. We talked about life, laughed, ate delicious food, tried clothes and jewellery and we worked of course, even if it did not feel like work. There was a magic energy that none of us expected”

credits: artist/model Conie Vales, stylist Alex Carl and the photographer Jen Carey.

From this magical trip to Mallorca a book called FOUR will be released. After the book, Orit felt that she had to create a small collection inspired by their special meeting and especially by Conie, the muse-model-artist, so she made the capsule collection FOUR consisting of four pieces – a necklace, an earring, a small earring and a brooch.


“Saxony is inspired by my love of the British University scarf. And a fabulous interpretation of Dries Van Noten’ 2016 Fall show.

My father loved British tailoring and had all his suits made in London for his 6’6” frame.  I have a photo of him wearing a camel coat and a British University scarf.  I lost my father 8 years ago.  He was my best friend, my mentor and and much of my taste comes from him.” That is the inspiration.


“Through our Blueprints campaign we wanted to show glimpses of this mystical, effortless, strong woman”. Shot in white and blue, we let the natural light and urban surroundings interact with the frames and contour her body, creating compositions where light and darkness co-exist; a tale of contemporary femininity.”

Cristina Ortiz

For Cristina Ortiz, “Jewellery is not an accessory but rather the secret extension of our essence, it caresses our body, becoming a part of who we are.” This is the concept emerging from Cristina Ortiz’ very first campaign, styled by Mika Mizutani and shot by …. with model of the moment, Julie Hommans. She wishes to capture the harmonious blend between fantastical creatures and enigmatic angels making her jewellery a sophisticated synthesis of form and meaning. Her one-of-a-kind linearly sculptured designs are the delicate balance of light enchantment and dark mystery. With immense talent and passion Ortiz is introducing new sensual armour for captivating contemporary warriors.

Annie Costello Brown

With her latest campaign Annie Costello Brown is taking us on a trip to Los Angeles… The golden sun, infinite blue skies, long beach stretches, the nature in abundance… the vibe is relaxed… a bunch of girls in jeans and tee shirts soaking in the late afternoon sun, they are moving, chatting, laughing, enjoying their now… California is bohemian heaven. And then Annie’s graphic and light jewellery adds the sensuous touch, its silver and gold tones creating soft reflections on their skin, a splash of blue mirroring like a sea in their neck…wide matt black dots hanging on their ears, making a gentle sound like Calder mobiles. The campaign is conveying LA’s coolness at its best.

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