Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine

Valery Demure is proud to present Wasson Fine


After almost a decade designing jewelry ranging from one-off to mass market, Erin Wasson launched a jewelry line called Wasson in December 2015. The collection is produced in Los Angeles from 14-karat gold and diamonds.The fourth collection titled “Space is the place” launched in Paris in March 2017.

Wasson’s love for jewelry is unequivocal. The Texan model, stylist and designer first foray into jewelry came when friend Alexander Wang asked her to design jewelry for his runway show. Wasson served as stylist for Wang’s first two shows. That led to an exclusive collection for LA based high fashion mecca Maxfield. Soon, others began to take notice of Wasson’s edgy aesthetic and.

Her sun-drenched apartment is filled with vintage and antique finds, treasures she’s amassed over years of traveling. Half-melted candles and crystals adorn her mid-century modern coffee table and a jagged-edged chandelier hangs from the exposed beams in the ceiling. Each piece has its own story.

It’s no surprise that Erin’s collection—full of special, personal pieces—feels a lot like Erin: cool, considered, and confident. Put simply, this is jewelry for a girl who wants to make an impression in an effortless way.

“Designing fifty stock keeping units twice a year plus holiday for seven years, I saw a lot of product, but my lifestyle has changed to wanting less and wearing less, like a lot of people shifting to quality over quantity,” Wasson said. “And I wanted to work with precious metals and stones again.”

Erin back in the day would save up my money, and go to the bead section at Michael’s. “I was always pulling jewelry apart, and putting it back together again. I don’t know when it started, but I’ve always been obsessed with collecting it, and touching it, adoring it”.

After taking a two-year break from the market to reevaluate, Wasson launched a new fine jewelry collection in December of last year at Barneys NY and Beverly Hills. The collection strikes a balance — industrial and feminine with Wasson’s edgy sensibility.

“I definitely think I’ve simplified things and become much more unwavering in my aesthetic because I want to know that what I’m buying is going to stay with me. If you look in my closet, it’s quite boring but my jewelry drawers are the complete opposite” Wasson said.

“I don’t have a problem purchasing things that I know are going to be with me for life. Like, it’s not a trend piece, it’s not something that’s just of the moment. I can literally look at it and be like, I will be wearing this piece for the rest of my life.”

“One of the nice things about jewelry is that unlike clothing you’re not forced to purge because it doesn’t take up too much space. You can put it away,then maybe a year, or a few weeks from now, you might decide to wear it. I think that for me, being in the fashion industry, permanence was never something that was a part of my lifestyle. I remember being asked to take off everything, every time I went to work. What if I could wear that ring every day of my life, and never have to take it off? Again, tattoos and jewelry—I like the idea of permanence.”

Wasson Fine is available at leading stockists worldwide, including: A’maree’s, Joyce, The Webster, Forty Five Ten, MyTheresa and Macle Beirut.


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