What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19 What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19

What’s new in accessories for Spring Summer 19


In Paris, we will be showcasing four new accessories brands. Each brand is founded by designers who place artisanship at the core of their business. Each collection brings its own poetic perspective, with the use of ceramic, textile weaving, metal and enamel techniques.

Our Paris showroom (27 September – 4 October) is by appointment only, please email aurelie@valerydemure.com.


ANDRESGALLARDO is a new approach to contemporary jewellery.

It all started with a selection of found porcelain figures that were reinterpreted and set into whimsical, nature-based jewellery pieces. The porcelain figures were broken into bits to be polished by hand and them re-assembled into subjective and surrealistic compositions.

Andres Gallardo and Marina Casal are the duos behind the ANDRESGALLARDO brand, both studied fashion design in Madrid and have worked together for several fashion brands during the past 10 years.

As a side project, in 2010 Andrés Gallardo created the first series of unique jewellery pieces intended for friends only. This limited edition caught the eye of stylists and special clients related to the arts.

As the project expanded and attention grew, Marina joined Andrés in 2011 and together they turned the project into an established brand. One year later, the international fair Première Classe, Paris selected ANDRESGALLARDO as one of the best new proposals in fashion jewellery.

With no formal jewellery training but a love for artisanal production methods, Andres and Marina materialize their personal world of wild nature and beautiful organic shapes, intuitively, handcrafting every piece thru improvisation and meticulousness.

ANDRESGALLARDO pieces balance the raw and the refined the playful and the sophisticated.

Currently, ANDRESGALLARDO pieces are designed from start, developed in selected run productions and unique pieces series, handcrafted in collaboration with Spanish and Portuguese artisans and recovering traditional production methods to combine fine materials with contemporary aesthetics through an artisanal process based on high-quality standards.

In 2013 the brand introduced leather handbags with porcelain inlays made of the finest quality, manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, a location well known for its ancient tradition of leather goods.


Carioca in essence, with an aesthetic sense and passion for fashion, Betina De Luca started her precocious career. At age 18, Bebel was inaugurated, a multiband responsible for connecting Rio-SP with new designers. Connected, she travelled the world for inspiration. A graduate in journalism, she also specialized in fashion, goldsmithing and design marketing, with a degree at Saint Martins in London.

In Brazil, she worked with the style team of the Carioca brand Filhas de Gaia and the marketing of Fashion Mall. In 2012, she opened a clothing and accessory brand Virzi + De Luca, which became a hit in its four-year history with the humorous and enthusiastic pieces from around the world. Now, the focus is Betina De Luca.

For SS19, she will show her new collection: JAMAIQUE. It is the story that comes in music, dance and the arts. It is the aesthetics of originality with a cultural touch. In this collection she decided to explore the essence of Jamaica, incorporating cultural, historical and aesthetic values.

She extended their research to all regions of Jamaica, observing details of local handicrafts, native plants, climate, people and their traditional costumes. The harmony of colours is present in the composition of strong tones, that comes from native plants and fruits, neutral and raw tones. The shapes were inspired by the Jamaican musical and nature-culture.


MOLA SASA creates unique handcrafted pieces that inject the perfect amount of freshness and sophistication to the wardrobe of the contemporary woman. Free-spirited and worldly, Mola Sasa is synonymous with an effortlessly chic individuality.

Seeking to close the gap between traditions and the present moment, Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Latin America to translate their traditional art forms and crafts into unparalleled accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colours, textures and materials.

“For me, Colombia is colour and music; it vibrates with its cultural mix and rich ethnic variety. This has certainly been a great influence for Mola Sasa and I can see it translated in many ways in our designs. We mix various techniques that speak of a country full of colour and diversity; in that way are able to share a piece of us with the world.“ Yasmin Sabet, Founder & Designer.

Each Mola Sasa piece evokes a sense of discovery and provides traces of a journey to the world of ancient tribes, their land, their culture. This exotic aura was the starting point of the brand and continues with every new collection or collaboration.


Sibilia is every bit a reflection of Fernanda´s inspirational and colourful lifestyle. Her passion for art and travels throughout the world have informed the colours and textures of each collection.

Fernanda is constantly researching and employing novel metalsmithing and jewellery making techniques. Like an alchemist in a lab, she manipulates bronze, copper and alpaca (a silver coloured alloy) to create a rainbow of bold new colours and combinations.

Today, Fernanda and her talented team of over 10 artisans continue to meticulously make, by hand, jewellery and home accessories out of a full production and design studio in Buenos Aires.

Sibilia is sold throughout the world in fine speciality shops and leading cultural institutions.


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